Courses, Workshops & Coaching

Whatever the size of your business, workplace culture and wellbeing needs I can usually design bespoke programmes or adapt current learning to meet most needs. Below however is my core offering.


Mental Health Awareness


A valuable Introduction to mental health at work for all, looking at de-stigmatising, personal resilience and looking after each other at work.

Ideal Candidates:

This course is suitable for all. It can be delivered to small groups & larger teams.

Reducing stress, building confidence

(half day or full day) Open course or on-site

This course teaches a range of tools and techniques to improve self-awareness, coping skills and performance at work. Topics covered include stress triggers, challenging thoughts, stress control strategies, the inner critic, growth and fixed mind-sets and more!

Ideal Candidates:

Teams or individuals who are experiencing stress at work. Alternatively this topic can be delivered 1-1 to any member of staff returning to work after stress related absence.

Assertiveness in the workplace

(half day or full day) Open course or on-site

Evidence suggests those who assert themselves appropriately at work feel less stressed, more credible and happier. However striking that balance between not coming across as passive or aggressive can sometimes be tricky. This course will sharpen those assertiveness skills to strengthen communication and mutual respect in the workplace.

We look at what assertiveness means, barriers, how to effectively give and receive feedback, speaking in meetings, body language, making assertive requests and how to say no nicely when appropriate and more.

Ideal Candidates:

Small groups or individuals who would like to develop their understanding of how to communicate confidently and appropriately at work.

Coaching skills for managers

(1-1 bespoke, flexible)

In the past management styles were more directive but in today’s climate employees look for managers who are supportive and receptive. Although entirely bespoke 1-1 coaching sessions may look at: developing appropriate trust and rapport, how to initiate difficult conversations, feeding back effectively, increasing motivation and adopting a coaching style of questioning.

Ideal Candidates:

Line managers and supervisors who would like to develop their communication skills to get the very best from their team, including those new to their role or those who have had no formal training in people skills.